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( )1. My host family is taking me to ________ English film festival next weekend.

  A. an B. a C. the D. 不填

  ( )2. —What do you call your father's sisters? —_______.

  A.Uncles B. Cousins C. Aunts D. Parents

  ( )3. A 100-year-old man ran a marathon in Toronto on Sunday. He became the ________ person to complete the long-distance running in the world.

  A.youngest B. best C. biggest D. oldest

  ( )4. —What does your new English teacher look like?

  —She is a pretty lady ________ long hair.

  A.at B. for C. with D. of

  ( )5. —Do you need a new dictionary, Susan?

  —No, Mum. My uncle bought me ________ yesterday.

  A.one B. it C. the one D. another

  ( )6. My friend Frank sings well, and he is _______ good at playing guitar.

  A.not B. also C. yet D. too

  ( )7. As one of the school rules, middle school students are not ________ to smoke.

  A.ordered B. refused C. allowed D. forbidden

  ( )8. —Have you ever seen the movie 2012?

  —Yes, but I don't believe ________ the year 2012 will see the end of the world.

  A.that B. what C. how D. if

  ( )9. Some of the students are nearsighted _______ they spend too much time watching TV or playing online games.

  A.when B. though C. because D. unless

  ( )10. —Excuse me, can you tell me the way to the People's Park?

  —Walk along this road and turn right, and the park is on your right. You _______miss it.

  A. needn't B. mustn't C. may not D. won't

  ( )11. Our foreign teacher Mr Green ________ us English since three years ago.

  A. has taught B. is teaching C. taught D. teaches

  ( )12. —Steve, ________do you play basketball after school?

  —Twice a week. It can keep me healthy.

  A.how far B. how soon C. how long D. how often

  ( )13. Whenever I see the birds, I'll _______ flying in the sky.

  A.think up B. dream of C. work on D. pick up

  ( )14. Welcome to our school, ladies and gentlemen. ________, I'd like to introduce myself.

  A.To be honest B. To my surprise

  C. To start with D. To tell you the truth

  ( )15. Miss Smith, an American lady , has taught ________ English for three years.

  A.we B. us C. our D. ours

  ( )16. ---- _________ will you fly to Beijing? ---- In two days.

  A.How long B. How often C. How soon D. How much

  ( )17. ---- I think I'll take a bus to the meeting.

  ----The bus? If you _____, you will be late.

  A.do B. have done C. will do D. would do

  ( )18 ---- What do you think of the movie Zootopia?

  ----Hmm...I think it is _______ movie that i have ever seen these years.

  A.a good B. a better C. the best D. a well

  ( )19. ---- Your coat fits you well.

  ---- Thank you. I ______ it when I was on vacation.

  A.have bought B. buy C. bought D. has bought

  ( )20. ---- Did you win the game yesterday?

  ---- Not really. ________ we all tried our best, we lost it.

  A.If B. Though C. Unless D. so

  ( )21. ---- Finally, they came back.

  ---- They ________ be hungry after such a long walk.

  A. Can't B. must C. needn't D. mustn't

  ( )22. ---- Jane's spoken English is pretty good.

  ---- Yeah, she works hard and practices _________ it both in and out of class.

  A.spoke B. to speak C. speaking D. speak

  ( )23. ---- What are you doing ,Tim?

  ---- I am listening to the song Long Live _________ makes me feel excited.

  A.which B. who C. / D. who

  ( )24. Now smart phones ________ in many ways in our daily life.

  A. are used B. is used C. are using D. is using

  ( )25. My sister is old enough to dress______now.

  A. himself B. herself C. myself D. yourself

  ( )26. Mother's Day is_____the second Sunday in May in the United States.

  A. on B. in C.at D. of

  ( )27. _______of us wants to go to the park today, because we have to finish so much homework.

  A. Either B. Both C. Neither D. Any

  ( )28. —Is the schoolbag under the desk yours?

  —No, it's my______. He left it there just now.

  A.brother B. brother's C. brothers' D. brothers'

  ( )29. ______nervous the girl was! She could not fall asleep all night.

  A.What B. What a C. How D. How a

  ( )30. —Oh, it was fantastic! Lily danced so well.

  —Well, I think Kate danced ______than lily.

  A.well B. better C. best D. good

( )31. The shop_____sells flowers is at the end of the street.

  A.who B. where C. which D. when

  ( )32. It's going to rain. You'd better take an umbrella_____you may get wet.

  A.or B. and C. but D. if

  ( )33. Little Tom______ computer games when his mother got home.

  A. is playing B. plays C. was playing D. playing

  ( )34. —Who's singing in the garden?

  —It _____ be Mr. Brown. He always practices singing at this time.

  A.must B. can't C. need D. would

  ( )35. —It is getting cold. Would you mind ______ the window?

  —Of course not.

  A.closing B. to close C. closed D. close

  ( )36. I won't go to tomorrow's party ______ I am invited.

  A.if B. unless C. When D. what

  ( )37. —I am afraid that I can't finish the task successfully.

  —Don't worry. You _______ plenty of time to do it.

  A.will be given B. give C. will give D. have been given

  ( )38. —Your brother is an excellent basketball player.

  —So he is. He_____ to play basketball three years ago.

  A.has started B. starts C. started D. is strat

  ( )39. —Excuse me, could you please tell me____________________________?

  —Sure. It's about ten minutes' walk.

  A.how long it takes to go to the zo B. how far it is from here to the zoo

  C. how far is it from here to the zoo D. how long is it here to the zoo

  ( )40. —I feel thirsty. I want something to drink. What about you?

  —OK. Let's go and buy some _________.

  A. coke B. cakes C. apples D. bread

  ( )41. Here are some_______. Do you like______?

  A.oranges; them B. orange; it C. oranges; they D. oranges; their

  ( )42. —Would you like some _______for dinner? —OK.

  A. tomatos B. tomato C. tomatoes D. potato

  ( )43. I paid ¥10 for ______this morning.

  A. 4 bottle milks B. 4 bottles of milk C.4 bottles of milks D.4 milk

  ( )44. I'm _______ to see you here.

  A. surprise B. surprised C. surprising D. surprisingly

  ( )45. I ______ the soup. It's delicious.

  A. feet B. smell C. taste D. sound

  ( )46. "No Photos" means "You can't ______ here."

  A. take photos B. buy photos C. bring photos D. look at photos

  ( )47. He is ill. He doesn't feel like _______ anything.

  A. to eat B. eats C. eat D. eating

  ( )48. Let's make friends ________ the new girl in our class.

  A. at B. with C. to D. in

  ( )49. ________ students are in the classroom.

  A. All the B. The all C. Us all D. All of

  ( )50. His brother is _________ to carry the heavy box.

  A. enough strong B. strong enough

  C. enough stronger D. stronger enough

  ( )51. Is there _________ in today's newspaper?

  A. something important B. anything important

  C. important something D. important anything

  ( )52. The dress is ________ expensive. I won't have it.

  A. much too B. too much C. much more D. more much

  ( )53. He sometimes________English songs on Sundays.

  A. will translate B. translates C. is translating D. translate

  ( )54. ________ too much TV isn't good ______ our eyes.

  A. Watch; to B. Watching; for C. Watch; for D. Watching; to

  ( )55.You________see the dentist when you have a toothache.

  A. may B. need C. should D. can

  ( )56. He works very hard. Every night he doesn't go to bed ________eleven o'clock.

  A. after B. until C. since D. in

  ( )57. Nowadays I can choose online courses and study by__________.

  A. I B. me C. my D. myself

  ( )58. I love this picture __________ you beside the music fountain.

  A. in B. of C. on D. at

  ( )59. There was a big crowd waiting __________ the opening ceremony to start.

  A. by B.from C. for D. with

  ( )60. Alex did the project on community service _____ better than his classmates.

  A.so B. very C. too D. much


  1-5: A C D C A 6-10: B C A C D 11-15:A D B C B

  16-20:C A C C B 21-25:B C A A B 26-30:A A B C B

  31-35:C A C A A 36-40:B A C B A 41.45: A C B B C

  46-50: A D B A B 51-55: B A B B C 56-60: B D B C D








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